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      I'm a former airline Captain with a long life passion for classic cars. 
     My Swedish heritage gives me a weakness for classic Volvos.
        I've played around with these cars all my life. 

The business is US registered.
...But I pilot it from Stockholm, (still advantages when it comes to Volvo parts).
All parts ship from a warehouse on the US east coast. Sometimes, if the customer agrees, directly from the Swedish storage.

Often when working in the US, I was told it was hard to find parts.
I wanted to change this. In Sweden, it's not that hard.


"-Thanks for your Volvo Knight In Shining Armor advice and moral support while I troubleshot an (as usual) simple fault that we kept overlooking. I won't drive anything but this car. Ever.

It's my fourth one and the best one yet. This Maybe the only Amazon in southern Nevada...."
- Marianne D.

Mariannes Amazon

"-Thank you ET, it's my dream car that will not ever be sold, in my lifetime. It's quite the story on how I found it."

- Tom L.

Tom's 1800ES

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There are various and even strange hobbies that are being followed by people around the world. But one of the most prominent and prideful hobbies is collecting vintage cars. Owning one vintage car is like owning many top brand new cars of today. One among the classic cars which are in awe of most people even today is Volvo cars. Though owning these vintage cars gives so much pride, maintaining them today is an uphill task where you cannot get the parts easily.
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But to put an end to these queries, I have started this online classic Volvo parts store where you can get any part for your aged beauty with us at low prices. Isn’t that great? You don't need to search hard for those shops to get your vintage Volvo parts but can easily get them just by clicking your mouse!
All that you have to do is visit our website and click the button, and you can find all of them. There are categories like Volvo 444/544/445, Volvo P1800Volvo Amazon 120 & 220 parts, etc, for your convenience. So you can select according to your model and can find all the necessary parts right from the engine to the body to electrical equipment. Pretty much everything!

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It's a customer-friendly online parts store as we have made the payments and shipping procedure very easy so that you do not experience any discrepancies.

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The Swedish automaker Volvo has gone through a transformation in recent years. This iconic manufacturer, known for its safety-first, now builds smaller front-wheel-drive cars and all-wheel drive sports utility vehicles. It is interesting to look back at the older Volvo offerings from decades ago. These cars that defined the manufacturer and the genuine parts needed to keep them operating are getting harder to find.

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Among the most classic Volvos are the 1800 models. These two-door sporting vehicles were manufactured during the decades of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The car was first introduced in 1960 and known as the P1800. Manufactured by Jensen Motors in England the P1800 was a small two-door car with small rear fins that were reminiscent of the fins on American cars through the later 50s and early 60s. The car was powered by a four-cylinder engine and a four-speed manual transmission was offered. The transmission could also be ordered with electronic overdrive. The overdrive cars are highly sought after today. Construction of the 1800 moved to Sweden in 1963 after well-known quality issues in the UK. The car was now renamed. The P was dropped and the 1800S (Sweden) was born. Various changes and improvements were made over the years as Volvo kept the car modern and stylish. Fuel injection was added as an option for the model year 1970 and the car was known as the 1800E (einspritz, German). In 1972 Volvo introduced the 1800ES, a sports-wagon version with two doors and a large glass hatchback. This hatchback, with a rear window defroster as an option, became an instant hit.

Volvo 1800 ES

Old Swedish cars still remain available today. Volvo models such as the Pv 544 / the 120 series (Amazon) / 1800S / 1800ES / and the Volvo 140 & 240 series can be found for sale online and in local newspapers. Genuine Volvo parts necessary to keep these classics running are also available. At many swap meets and car shows vendors are set up with classic parts for the hobbyists and collectors among us.

But you're lucky! Being on this site you don't have to go anywhere.
/ E T Carlin

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