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Volvos aren’t just cars – they’re a lifestyle. We’re passionate about these vehicles, and we know you are too. That’s why we’ve curated over 20,000 classic Volvo parts to keep your dream car moving, no matter what piece you’re looking for. Whether you need Volvo 122 parts, a Volvo P1800 interior kit, or even some Volvo welding primer, we’ve got you covered.

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Not sure where to start with your vintage Volvo restoration? Explore our website below and discover how we can help you to get your Volvo in perfect condition.

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Volvo Washable High performance Air Filter

Volvo PV 544/122/P1800 Exhaust system

Fuel tank Volvo 544/122/220/P1800

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Volvo 544/122/1800 Brake parts

Arm rest/Dashpads Volvo 544/122/1800

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Volvo PV 544 Interior Parts

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Volvo Pv Body parts

Volvo Pv Body parts

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Latest Classic Volvo parts

Volvo PV/Duett Disc brake conversion kit front



Volvo 1800 accessory black rubber mats 1970-1973

Sku: 282328-29BK


Volvo PV Disc brake conversion kit Rear

Sku: DBK-673797


Volvo Air intake 180070-1973 bottom

Sku: 686117


Expansion plug kit Volvo B18/Volvo B20

Sku: FPB18


Expansion plug kit Volvo B16

Sku: FPB16


Volvo PV/Duett 445/Volvo 210 floor panel kit

Sku: 96018


Air filter Volvo B18/20 High Performance.w/o Ventilation CD175

Sku: 679260HP


Air filter Volvo B18/20 High Performance.w/o Ventilation CD175 Stainless steel

Sku: 679260HP-SS


Air filter Volvo B18/20 High Performance with Ventilation CD175

Sku: 679261HP


Air filter Volvo B18/20 High Performance with Ventilation CD175 Stainless steel

Sku: 679261HP-SS


Air filter Volvo B18B/D SU 1961-1966 Hammerite

Sku: 73606-OOE


Fuel sending unit 220 Wagon Stainless Steel

Sku: 662155SS


Exhaust valve Volvo B20/B30 d=38mm High Performance

Sku: 552824


Elevator crank Volvo P1800S/E/ES

Sku: 687895


Cylinder head set Volvo B20E/F 1974-

Sku: 275560


Cylinder head gasket kit Volvo B20A/B 1973-76

Sku: 275559


Cover plate kit fuel pump Volvo B16/18/20

Sku: 460679-SET


Coil spring Volvo 1800ES rear/Volvo Amazon B16

Sku: 653163


Cam/key/Lock ring Volvo M41 D-type outgoing

Sku: 380398


Cable choke compartment Kit Volvo P1800 B18

Sku: 665466


Bushing Volvo P1800 Ch -9999

Sku: 664857


Bumper Side section Volvo 1800 1965- Right Front/Left Rear

Sku: 668327


Bumper Side section Volvo 1800 1965- Left Front/Right Rear

Sku: 668326


Brake line Volvo 1800 Right Front outer

Sku: 665009


Brake line Volvo 1800 Right Rear

Sku: 665007


Brake line Volvo 1800 Right Front inner

Sku: 665004


Volvo PV/Duett accessory carpet kit Grey

Sku: 279632


Interior panel kit Volvo 1800E beige/brown

Sku: 331629


Volvo Shock Absorber Rear 1800/Volvo 122

Sku: 276553


Volvo B18/Volvo B20 oil pump

Sku: 1218706


Brake drum Volvo PV/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 rear

Sku: 673797


Volvo Amazon 1957-1958/Volvo PV/Duett 1951- front brake drum

Sku: 667102


Volvo Amazon 1957- 1958/Volvo PV&PV/Duett 51- front brake drum

Sku: 667102-1


Volvo PV/Duett/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 rear brake shoes1958-

Sku: 271813


Volvo PV 544/Volvo 210 1958-1968 brake shoe set

Sku: 271800


Rear brake shoes Volvo 122 w/ disc 1800 1961-1969

Sku: 271814


Mounting kit brake shoes Volvo PV/Volvo Amazon (front drums )

Sku: 273173


Adjuster, Drum brake Volvo Amazon/P1800 1965-1968

Sku: 671201


Dash pad Volvo 123GT

Sku: 672577


Dash pad Volvo 1800 61-72 lower RHD

Sku: 665102


Dash pad Volvo 1800 61-72 upper RHD

Sku: 665104


Dash pad Volvo 1800 ES 1973 Lower RHD

Sku: 665102-73


Dash pad Volvo 1800 ES 1973 RHD

Sku: 665104-73


Volvo 1800 1961-1972 dash pad lower

Sku: 1212985


Dash pad Volvo Amazon 123GT RightD

Sku: 672578


Volvo 1800 1961-1972 Upper dash pad

Sku: 665103


Volvo 140 1969-1974 Caliper ATE 2-circuit Left Front

Sku: 1206492N


Volvo 140 1969-1974 Caliper ATE 2-circuit Right Front

Sku: 1206493N


Volvo 140/164 1968-1974 repair kit/Volvo 2401975-

Sku: 272506


Volvo 140/164 1972-1975 Caliper ATE 2-circuit Left Front

Sku: 1212493N


Volvo 140/164 1972-1975 Caliper ATE 2-circuit Left Front

Sku: 1212494N


Volvo 140/164 Brake backing plate 1967-1974 Left Front

Sku: 675359


Volvo 140/164 Brake backing plate 1967-1974 Right Front

Sku: 675360


Volvo 140/164 Brake disc 1967-1974

Sku: 270732


Volvo 140/164 Brake disc 1972-1975 front Ventilationilate

Sku: 270735


Volvo 140/164 repair kit caliper 2-circuit

Sku: 528


Volvo 140/164/Volvo 240 Mounting kit Bake pads ATE

Sku: 272639


Volvo 140/164/Volvo 240 Brake pads ATE Front

Sku: 270165


Volvo 140/164/Volvo 240 Piston caliper Front ATE

Sku: 686226


Volvo 140/Volvo 240 Bleed Screw Volvo ATE

Sku: 686227


Volvo 140/164/Volvo 240 Mounting kit Brake pads

Sku: 272638


Brake line Volvo P1800 1970-1973 Left Rear/Right Rear

Sku: 1212371-72OE


Volvo Pedal pad Brake BW35 122/Volvo 1800/Volvo 140/164/240

Sku: 669843


Volvo P1800 Rubber trunk spring lid

Sku: 668028


Our mission

Classic Volvo Restoration

Every company starts with a spark, an idea that turns vision into reality. For us, that spark was a passion for the Volvo brand. Renowned for their high quality, these vehicles boast exceptional craftsmanship and timeless financial worth.

The Volvo name will continue to live on and we’re here to make it possible. Get the vintage Volvo parts you need to make your restoration a success and continue to enjoy the wonders of Volvo for years to come.

Volvo PV/Duett

In the bright Autumn of 1944, the first-ever Volvo PV444 was released. Enjoyed by thousands, it was soon modernized to live up to its new title, the Volvo PV 544. We’re proud to offer parts crafted in Sweden and North America, as well as the rest of the world. On our site, you can discover quality Volvo PV444 parts, Volvo PV544 parts, and Volvo PV Duett parts for your classic Volvo restoration.

Volvo P1800 S/E/ES

Cast your mind back to the swinging 60's. In 1961, Volvo delivered a shiny new sports car to the vehicle market. With a little help from Italian designers, the final result boasted a sculptured, elegant and sports-focused finish. The Volvo P1800 comes in a few varieties with design differences in each. Luckily for you, we offer Volvo P1800 parts, Volvo P1800S parts and Volvo P1800 E parts, as well as pieces for each edition.

Volvo Amazon 122/220

1956 saw the arrival of a new Volvo, which thousands would adore for years to come. In Scandinavia, it became known as the Volvo Amazon and to the rest of the world, the Volvo 122 and Volvo 122S. In ‘62, the Volvo Wagon arrived in Stockholm, the brand’s home city, followed by the Volvo Amazon 123GT, with only 5000 released. It remains one of the most popular cars for global Volvo collectors! In our stock selection, we offer Volvo Amazon parts, Volvo 122 parts, and Volvo Amazon 220 parts to keep the legacy alive.

Volvo B18 Engine parts

Volvo B18 Valve mechanism

Volvo B18 Crankshaft

Volvo B18 Cylinder block

Volvo B18 Cylinder head

Volvo B18 Lubricating system

Volvo B20 Engine parts

Volvo Amazon 122/220 B20 Engine

Volvo P1800 B20 Engine

Volvo B20 Camshaft

Volvo B20 Crankshaft

Volvo B20 Cylinder block/Gaskets

Volvo B20 Cylinder head/Valve mechanism

Volvo B20 Lubricating system

Classic Volvo Restoration shop

With over 10 000 parts in stock for the Classic Volvo Pv 444/445/544/210, Volvo Amazon 122/220, Volvo P1800 S/E/ES models, Volvo 140/164
ClassicVolvoRestoration are today one of the leading sources for Classic Volvo parts. Make your Volvo restoration a success! 

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