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Volvo PV/Duett

In the bright Autumn of 1944, the first-ever Volvo PV444 was released. Enjoyed by thousands, it was soon modernized to live up to its new title, the Volvo PV 544. We’re proud to offer parts crafted in Sweden and North America, as well as the rest of the world. On our site, you can discover quality Volvo PV444 parts, Volvo PV544 parts, and Volvo PV Duett parts for your classic Volvo restoration.

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Volvo P1800 S/E/ES

Cast your mind back to the swinging 60's. In 1961, Volvo delivered a shiny new sports car to the vehicle market. With a little help from Italian designers, the final result boasted a sculptured, elegant and sports-focused finish. The Volvo P1800 comes in a few varieties with design differences in each. Luckily for you, we at CVR (Classic Volvo Restoration) offer Volvo P1800 parts, Volvo P1800S parts and Volvo P1800 E parts, as well as pieces for each edition.

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Volvo Amazon 122/220

1956 saw the arrival of a new Volvo, which thousands would adore for years to come. In Scandinavia, it became known as the Volvo Amazon and to the rest of the world, the Volvo 122 and Volvo 122S. In ‘62, the Volvo Wagon arrived in Stockholm, the brand’s home city, followed by the Volvo Amazon 123GT, with only 5000 released. It remains one of the most popular cars for global Volvo collectors! In our stock selection, we at CVR (Classic Volvo Restoration) offer classic Volvo Amazon parts, Volvo 122 parts, and Volvo Amazon 220 parts to keep the legacy alive.

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The Volvo garage's best friend

With over 10 000 parts in stock for the Classic Volvo PV 544/210, Volvo Amazon, Volvo 1800 S/E/ES models, Volvo 140/164 & Volvo 240/260.

CVR are today one of the leading sources for Classic Volvo parts worldwide. Make your classic Volvo restoration a success! 

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