In the second half of 1944, the first Volvo was produced and went on sale. The Volvo was called the Volvo PV 444 and the Volvo PV itself came in many models such as the Volvo PV 444, Volvo PV 544, Volvo PV Duett 445, Volvo PV Duett 210. Our Volvo PV spare parts are manufactured with the same quality requirements as Volvo had original and meet all quality requirements. The Volvo PV is a Volvo with a curved rounded roof and soft details with rounded front lamps. The Volvo PV Duett model came sometime in the early fifties and is a spacious passenger car with a slightly longer character and straight roof. The Volvo Duetten shape was designed by Erik Skoog and is a mansion car. The car was intended as both a large leisure car and a car for professionals.

Over the years, the Volvo PV/Duett has changed shape from having a split windscreen to a full one. This model was very popular with farmers and larger companies who put their own distinctive colour on the body.

Classic Volvo Restoration offers both Volvo PV Parts and Volvo Duett Parts where the range provides everything from body parts to interiors. Something that is important when restoring your classic Volvo PV and Volvo Duett is that the spare parts should be as original. The parts we offer are made in unique tooling after originals or in the original tooling itself. We also offer front axle parts and rear axle parts, for example made by well-known brands such as Lesjöfors springs. Some parts are manufactured in Sweden locally to achieve the best possible quality.

When working on your classic Volvo PV and Volvo Duett, it can be useful to have bolts from our assembly kits.  Something that can also be good to have are covers for your extra lights which we have at a good price. We also have in our wide selection heating and fresh air details for your Volvo PV and Volvo Duett.  All for your comfort and so you can drive your Volvo PV and Volvo Duett in all seasons.