Innovating With The Amazon

After witnessing the success of their compact PV 444 model, Volvo realized that their competitors were creating more spacious and modern designs. To keep the brand moving with the times, Volvo developed the first prototype of what would later become known as the Amazon in Sweden and the 122 around the globe. Introduced in 1956, it entered dealerships worldwide in the following year in a dashing two-tone colorway.

The Car for the Future

While the Volvo Amazon had some similarities with the PV 444, the new version was much more extensive and designed to meet the demands of a growing market. With a completely new rear suspension and a heavier design, the Amazon offered a B16 engine instead of the B14 found in the PV 444. As the brand grew in popularity amongst UK drivers, they also created an Amazon with right-hand driving capabilities to appeal to nations abiding by this style.

Exceptional Estates

The swinging ‘60s brought a demand for more capacity, flexibility and style, resulting in the Volvo Amazon 220. These combi estates would eventually replace the P210 Duett editions in the years to come, although they initially sold them alongside each other. Known to European markets as the Amazon Combi, the title came from a new purpose: to provide a combination of work and leisure. With vast volume, fresh details and family-friendly design, it remained popular with the masses for years to come.