Classic Volvo Parts

There's no better feeling than restoring your Volvo to its full potential. We're passionate about providing the classic Volvo parts you need to achieve that original look and feel, including both interior and exterior components. Whether you're aiming to maintain the timeless elegance of your vehicle or enhance its performance while preserving its historic charm, we have everything you need.

Everything For Your Classic Volvo

The Powerful Volvo Engine

While the aesthetic impact of the Volvo car has transformed over the ages, one thing has remained consistent: the absolute power of the Volvo engine. Designed, developed and built in-house, the Swedish brand is famous for reliability and quality craftsmanship. Hundreds have been created to suit each new variation of the Volvo name, and we’re proud to keep the classic Volvo parts you need in circulation.

Interior Innovation

Sleek, solid and sophisticated: three words to perfectly describe the interior legacy of the Volvo brand. Whether you’re renovating a beaten classic or upgrading for a more authentic look, we’ve got the parts you need to make it happen. Bold steering wheels, soft leather seating and padded dashboards have defined the Volvo look and kept the heritage alive. We offer both original Volvo parts and reproductions to make fine interiors possible.

Exterior Excellence

When it comes to building a sharp and impactful exterior, Volvo has pioneered complete quality and excellence. Combining masterful Swedish craftsmanship and global bodywork expertise, the brand has continued to deliver a timeless look with every new model. Classic Volvo restoration projects are brought to life by an exterior that honors the past while scoring the quality feel of a freshly made car. Whether you’re looking for authentic lights or exceptional bodywork, we’ve got the parts you need to achieve your restoration goals.