When Volvo started selling cars in the USA, they also introduced new Volvo interiors. The cloth interiors were replaced with vinyl interiors. The Volvo Duett, PV and Volvo 122 had different interiors for the Swedish/European market than in North America. The Volvo P1800 had the same interiors regardless of market. After 1965, the Volvo PV and Volvo 122 also had the same style. You would think that Volvo then had all interiors made the same way, but with the Volvo 140 North American market received different interiors again. Even the Volvo 240 had all vinyl interiors that we never saw in Sweden.

We are proud to offer interiors for both the US and European market for the older Volvo models. In the late 1950’s Volvo had a lot of different materials and patterns that must have made the logistics a challenge. Do you remember the striped vinyl in the 445, the yellow/black vinyl interiors in the “California” PV, the first “Amazon” 122 with the “V”, the logo in the back seat, the fabric with silver threads?

We supply most of the Volvo interiors, except the very rare ones, and the ones where we have not found the correct materials. However, there were often different interior options for the same exterior, so even if the correct code for the car can not be produced, we can offer another interior correct for the car, but in a different material. For example: If you have a Volvo PV 1964 with yellow interior, we can offer the red one. Yellow Volvo PV 1964 had both yellow or red interiors to choose from.

The number of materials, colors, car models and model years adds up to a very large number of interiors we offer for classic Volvos.

We stock the most common upholstery sets, door panels and carpets world wide. For example: The black Volvo P1800 interior , Red Volvo 1800S interior, brown and black Volvo 122 interiors.

All carpets, door panels, seat covers and headlinings are made in in the heart of Volvo, Sweden.