Volvo PV Fuel/Exhaust system

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    Carburetors SUHS1962-bolt Volvo B18B/D, “KD” rebuilt

    Sku: 237245


    Volvo carburetor SU 2-boltZH rebuilt

    Sku: 237219


    Carburetors SU 3-bolt rebuilt

    Sku: 237314


    Volvo PV 544Volvo B16 exhaust system 1957-1961 SS

    Sku: VO30101


    Carburetor SU H4 Volvo B16B rebuilt

    Sku: 237069


    Volvo PV/Duett B16A exhaust system SS

    Sku: VO30100


    Fuel tank Volvo Duett 445/Volvo 210

    Sku: 260001


    Volvo PV 444 Volvo B4B 1953-56 exhaust system, stainless

    Sku: VO920-02


    Carburetor Volvo Stromberg 175 CDI Volvo B20A 1969- rebuilt

    Sku: 237802


    Carburetor Volvo Zenith 36 VN Volvo B18A 1961-1966 rebuilt

    Sku: 237128


    Volvo PV Carburetor Volvo Zenith 30 VIG 9 Volvo B4B 1953-56

    Sku: 71860


    Carburetor Volvo Zenith 34 VN Volvo B16A rebuilt

    Sku: 237027


    Volvo carburetor Volvo Stromberg 175 CDI Volvo B18A rebuilt

    Sku: 237243


    Volvo PV 544 exhaust system Volvo B18 2″ double pipe

    Sku: 025K5D


    Exhaust Volvo 210/PV/Duett Volvo B18 1967-1968

    Sku: 290070


    Volvo PV 544 B18 exhaust system1961-1966

    Sku: 290030


    Volvo PV 544 B18 2″ sport exhaust system

    Sku: 025K5


    Volvo Carburetor Zenith 34 VN B16A rebuilt


    Volvo PV/Duett 210 exhaust system Volvo B18 1962-1966

    Sku: 290060


    Volvo PV 544Volvo B16 exhaust system 1957-1961

    Sku: 290020


    Volvo PV 444/PV 544 Fuel tank -1960 Ch-3 19099

    Sku: 28053


    Volvo PV 544 fuel tank 1961-1966

    Sku: 260029


    Volvo PV 544 B18 Exhaust system,double downpipe

    Sku: 290032


    Volvo PV 544 exhaust header 4-2-1 Volvo B18/Volvo B20

    Sku: 419381-PV


Showing 1–24 of 446 results

Fuel/Exhaust system for Volvo PV

The fuel tank and the exhaust system have two very important functions in your Volvo PV. With high probability, you wouldn’t be able to get your Volvo PV on the road if these do not work as intended. The fuel tank is there as a container for your fuel, which is flammable and potentially explosive if it would come in contact with high enough heat. It is therefore important to make sure that the fuel tank of your Volvo PV is not leaking. It is something that you can see through puddles of fuel around your vehicle, or through the fact that it consumes more fuel than you’re used to. It is possible, in some cases, to repair the fuel tank, and that is when it is affected by smaller leakages. The process looks different depending on the material it is made of, but in other cases when the leakage is large, you may need to replace the fuel tank in its whole. We offer both fuel tanks and fuel pumps for your Volvo PV. The exhaust system is partly there to make the emissions less harmful from some chemicals, partly to remove the emissions from the actual motor and partly to dampen the noise that comes from the million small explosions which are creating during the fuel combustion. If you don’t have a fully functioning exhaust system on your Volvo PV, it would fail during the yearly inspection. As a result of the failure, you might need to replace it. Make sure to examine your exhaust system regularly since it could be affected by rust. If you would replace your exhaust system, make sure to replace the whole thing at the same time to keep a consistent quality of all parts. You can find all components you might need for the exhaust system in your Volvo PV. Beyond the fuel tanks and exhaust systems, we also have carburetors and air filters for your Volvo PV.