Volvo PV/Duett 444/544/445/210 Parts

If you’re restoring a Volvo PV 444, 445, 210 or 544, we’ve got all of the vintage Volvo parts you need to achieve an original look and feel.

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    Volvo PV Disc brake conversion kit Rear

    Sku: DBK-673797


    Volvo PV front fenderRight

    Sku: 87504


    Volvo PV front fenderLeft

    Sku: 87503


    Carburetors SUHS1962-bolt Volvo B18B/D, “KD” rebuilt

    Sku: 237245


    Volvo carburetor SU 2-boltZH rebuilt

    Sku: 237219


    Carburetors SU 3-bolt rebuilt

    Sku: 237314


    Volvo PV/Duett Disc brake conversion kit front

    Sku: DBKPV


    Wiring harness Volvo PV/Duett 210Volvo B18

    Sku: 3202


    Cover Front seat Volvo PV 444LS 1957 blue/grey Pair

    Sku: 97759-SET


    Volvo PV 544Volvo B16 exhaust system 1957-1961 SS

    Sku: VO30101


    Carburetor SU H4 Volvo B16B rebuilt

    Sku: 237069


    Volvo PV/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 5.5″ wheel kit

    Sku: 613014-SET


    Wiring harness Volvo PV 544 B18

    Sku: 3201


    Rubber mat set PV 544/Volvo 210 PV/Duett 1958-1968

    Sku: 659473


    Volvo PV rear fender Left

    Sku: 88596


    Volvo PV rear fenderRight

    Sku: 88597


    Door skin Volvo PV RH

    Sku: 658296


    Door skin Volvo PV LH

    Sku: 658295


    Volvo B18/Volvo B20 Ignition Distributor 123 for USB

    Sku: 123-B20Tune


    Volvo PV/Duett B16A exhaust system SS

    Sku: VO30100


    Volvo PV 444/PV 544/Volvo 210 grille trim 1957-1968

    Sku: 655768


    Cover Rear seatVolvo Amazon PV 444KS 1956-1957 Grey/blue

    Sku: 97106-14


    Fuel tank Volvo Duett 445/Volvo 210

    Sku: 260001


    Volvo PV/Duett/Volvo Amazon B18 radiator 1961-1966

    Sku: 252087-A


Showing 1–24 of 2408 results

Volvo PV parts

The Birth of the PV 444

Known as the ‘peacetime car’ in the aftermath of WWII, the Volvo PV 444 kickstarted a new era for the famous vehicle brand. It was developed to serve the masses – a smaller, more economical car that would brighten the future of Volvo’s growing legacy. Designed for simplicity and power, it garnered the 444 name from its composition: 4 seats, 4 cylinders and 40 horsepower. Much like its successors, this car continues to enjoy adoration all over the world.

Leveling Up with the PV 445
Just a short time after the original model was produced, Volvo developed a new chassis model in the form of PV 445. While similar, it boasted some fundamental changes to fit the bodywork more effectively – spring-type rear suspension and double hydraulic dampers, to name just a few. The PV 455 could be quickly built into custom commercial vehicles, first introduced in 1949. The line-up included ambulances, hearses and even convertible coaches.

Bigger Car, Bigger Adventures

Next up came the PV 544. Introduced in 1958, this blazing new model provided more space, more comfort and heightened safety. With a 60bhp B16 engine and M30 3-speed gearbox, the car was exclusively available in black when first released. It also offered some critical improvements on the 444, namely a one-piece windscreen, padded dashboard and interior and a redesigned steering box. It even allowed enough room for 5 people, hence the change of name from 444 to 544. In 1960, the P 210 followed with similar advantages, delivered in van and estate form for some refreshing variation.