Volvo 1800 Interior parts

Looking for the final touches to perfect your Volvo’s interior? Luckily for you, you’re in the right place. We’ve curated a wide selection of Volvo P1800 interior parts to ensure you can get the finish you desire. 

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    Upholstery set Volvo 1800 ES bright red

    Sku: 462890-RED


    Front seat upholstery Volvo 1800 beige/brown.

    Sku: 693244-SET


    Interior panel kit Volvo 1800E beige/brown

    Sku: 331629


    Carpet kit Volvo 1800ES blue textile

    Sku: 696016


    Carpet kit Volvo 1800ES red textile

    Sku: 696015


    Volvo 1800 Black Armrests Pair

    Sku: 665409-10


    Carpet kit Volvo 1800 ES Black

    Sku: 000116


    Carpet kit Volvo 1800ES brown textile

    Sku: 696017


    Cover front seat Volvo 1800 E/ES 1972 gold metallic

    Sku: 695863-65


    Cover front seat Volvo 1800E 1970-1971 goldmetallic

    Sku: 694112-32


    Cover front seat Volvo 1800S/E 1964-1970 brown

    Sku: 692171-72


    Volvo 1800S/E front seat Cover 1964-1971 black

    Sku: 691052-53


    Volvo 1800S/E 1964-1970 Red front seat cover

    Sku: 691037-38


    Cover rear seat Volvo 1800ES 1973 light blue

    Sku: 696645-51


    Cover front seat Volvo ES 1973 light blue

    Sku: 696641-43


    Cover Front seat Volvo 1800ES 1973 brown leather

    Sku: 696640-42


    Cover front seat Volvo 1800 E/ES 1972-1973 Black

    Sku: 695713-14


    Carpet kit 1800E -1971 red textile RHD

    Sku: 696013RHD


    Carpet kit Volvo 1800E -1971 red textile

    Sku: 696013


    Cover Front seat Volvo P1800 1963 black

    Sku: 690708-09


    Cover front seat Volvo P1800 1963 red leather

    Sku: 668052-84


    Volvo P1800 E Carpet kit Blue 1972

    Sku: 000366


    Carpet kit Volvo 1800E 1972 brown

    Sku: field_62a09a899978a


    Volvo 1800E carpet kit brown textile -1971

    Sku: 696010


Showing 1–24 of 266 results

Interior parts for Volvo 1800

When buying your Volvo P1800, the interior was certainly something you looked at to justify your purchase decision. You are not alone in that. The fact is that the interior is an important part of many potential car buyers. There are many different ways that the car’s interior can be adapted and changed to suit the new car owner’s own taste and style. On one hand, there are many different types of materials, everything from leather to fabric to leather, and on the other hand, there are also different colors and designs to choose from. The interior is the part that can easily be replaced afterward, even if it would involve a cost.

When talking about interior design, people often talk about your Volvo P1800’s upholstery and seats, but also about carpets and other things that you may need inside the car itself. The seats are available in leather and fabric, while the carpets are available in different designs, materials, colors, and shapes. Important to keep in mind is that no matter what carpet you are looking at, you must actually decide to have a carpet. The reason for this is that your Volvo P1800 can be caused by severe damp damage if you do not have a proper car carpet. The water can also leave permanent stains that cannot be removed if you do not have one. This is especially important in a country like Sweden where we have a lot of snow and rain all year round. There is even a risk that snow and rainwater that gets stuck on your shoes can leak through the car to its bottom and cause corrosion. If that were to happen, it would be a more complicated process than if you had a carpet there, to begin with.

The interior is something that wears out depending on how much you use your vehicle but also depending on how you act in your Volvo P1800. If you have a tendency to spill water or food, the interior will wear out and get dirty faster than if you had not done so. It is not only due to wear and tear or style that the interior is replaced but it can also be done for hygienic reasons, especially if you spend a lot of time in your Volvo P1800. It can be very important that it feels clean and that you feel comfortable in it. However, there are no musts when it comes to the interior itself. If the seats should be worn, there is no obligation that will tell you that you have to replace them. It is mostly for your own sake.

Volvo P1800 S/E/ES Interior parts

Exclusive Design
The interiors of the Volvo P1800 series have transformed immensely throughout the years but mainly consist of three significant updates. Beginning with a bold jukebox-style dashboard, later versions took on a more sober-looking wooden dash. Seating and other essential details define the unique Volvo P1800, developed thanks to years of design expertise.

Masterful Seating
Since the 1800 series only includes a limited number of models, the upholstery choices were much more exclusive. This allowed for higher quality and a more iconic design, recognizable across the suite of vehicles on the road. There are three critical types of seating: the original Jensen seats produced until 1962, the improved 1963 line and the newer seats of the Volvo 1800ES. When it comes to perfecting your restoration project, finding original or authentically reproduced upholstery is essential.

Tracing Your Upholstery
If you’re planning to restore the interior of your Volvo P1800, discovering the true origin of your upholstery is crucial. Open the hood and look for a black and silver VIN plate to establish the type you require. This will show you the chassis number, paint color and various other details surrounding your unique model. Under the field of ‘kladsel’, Swedish for ‘upholstery’, you’ll find the code you’re looking for. This will indicate the upholstery style your car was initially fitted with, allowing you to complete an accurate restoration.