Volvo 1800 Fuel/Exhaust system parts 

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    Carburetors SUHS1962-bolt Volvo B18B/D, “KD” rebuilt

    Sku: 237245


    Volvo carburetor SU 2-boltZH rebuilt

    Sku: 237219


    Carburetors SU 3-bolt rebuilt

    Sku: 237314


    Volvo 1800 ES 1972-1973 exhaust system stainless

    Sku: 292240SS


    Volvo 1800E exhaust system SS 1970-1972

    Sku: 292230SS


    Volvo 1800E exhaust system 1970-1972

    Sku: 292230


    Volvo 1800 exhaust system 1961-1966 SS

    Sku: VO31000


    Fuel tank Volvo 1800 E/ES 1970-1973

    Sku: 684030


    Volvo 1800S fuel tank 1961-1969

    Sku: 260037


    Exhaust manifold Volvo B20E/F 1970-1974

    Sku: 419728


    Volvo 1800 Sport exhaust system 1966-1969 (1970-1973) 2″ SS

    Sku: 292225SS


    Volvo 1800 single pipe SPORT 2″ exhaust system1961-1965 Stainless steel

    Sku: 292215SS


    Exhaust system Volvo 1800 1966-1969 twin pipe

    Sku: 292220


    Volvo 1800 single pipe exhaust system 1961-1965

    Sku: 292210


    Volvo 1800 ES exhaust system 1972-1973

    Sku: 292240


    Conversion kit, Volvo idle control valve

    Sku: 241853-SET


    Volvo 1800 exhaust system 1966-1973 double pipe SPORT 2″

    Sku: 292225


    Volvo 1800/Volvo 140/164 Air temperature sender

    Sku: 241810


    Volvo 1800 single pipe SPORT 2″ exhaust system1961-1965

    Sku: 292215


    Volvo 1800 exhaust header 4-2-1

    Sku: 419381-18


    Volvo Amazon B20 1967- /Volvo 1402″ exhaust pipe 4-1 header

    Sku: 037E



    Sku: 237384


    Volvo SU HS6 carburetor repair kit

    Sku: 276278


    Fuel line tank-pump Volvo 1800S1964-1969

    Sku: 672055


Showing 1–24 of 313 results

Fuel and Exhaust system parts for Volvo 1800

The parts that together make your Volvo P1800 move forward are the fuel tank and the exhaust system together, unlike the brakes that make your Volvo P1800 stop rolling.

The fuel tank is there to be a container for all your flammable fuel. Without the fuel tank, it would have been a major safety risk to operate your car as the fuel could ignite and start burning or even explode if it came in contact with the wrong things. It is then important that your fuel tank does not leak, which you can quickly notice if your car is surrounded by fuel when you have stopped, or if your Volvo P1800 consumes more fuel than it usually does. When repairing a fuel tank, it may be possible to repair small holes, but in the event of more major damages, it is better to just replace the tank completely. We offer both fuel tanks and fuel pumps for your Volvo P1800. The function of the pumps is to ensure that the fuel travels from the fuel tank to the cylinders, otherwise it just stays as a flammable liquid in your car.

The exhaust system is there for three main reasons: to remove the exhaust gases created from the engine, to clean these exhaust gases from certain harmful chemicals and to dampen the sound created by the millions of explosions that occur when the engine burns the fuel. If your exhaust system is not fully functional, your Volvo P1800 will not go through the yearly inspection, which in many cases means that you will have to replace it. It is therefore important that you keep track of it and make sure that it is fully functional on a regular basis. What can happen is, among other things, that it can be damaged by rust. When you need to replace the exhaust system, it can be a good idea to replace the whole thing at the same time as you want to avoid having to send it in service several times during shorter intervals. The reason why you may need to do this is that the parts can break at different times or that other parts break as a consequence of the first one breaking. If you choose us, you can find different parts for the exhaust system for your Volvo P1800 – everything from mufflers and exhaust pipes to catalytic converters. Finally, we also have carburetors and air filters for your Volvo P1800 if you would need it.