Volvo 1800 Electrical components

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    Volvo 1800S wiring harness

    Sku: 673126


    Volvo 1800S Cable Harness Volvo

    Sku: 673312


    Volvo 1800 Cable Harness Volvo 1969

    Sku: 673955


    Volvo 1800 E/ESmain harness 1972

    Sku: 1212928


    Volvo 1800S Cable Harness Volvo 1965-1968

    Sku: 3104


    Volvo 1800E Cable Harness Volvo 1970 M41

    Sku: 683402


    Volvo 1800 wiring harness 1961- 1964

    Sku: 3102


    Volvo 1800E main harness 1971M41

    Sku: 688698


    Volvo 1800ES Cable Harness Volvo 1973 BW35

    Sku: 1214022-BW35


    Wiring harness Injection Volvo 1800E 1970-1971

    Sku: 683691


    Volvo 1800 E/ES injectionCable Harness Volvo 1972-1973

    Sku: 1210099


    Volvo 1800ES main harness 1973 M41

    Sku: 1214022


    Volvo B18/Volvo B20 Ignition Distributor 123 for USB

    Sku: 123-B20Tune


    Volvo B20E 123 Ignition distributor

    Sku: 123-B20E


    Volvo Ignition Distributor 123 Volvo B18/Volvo B20

    Sku: 123-B20


    Distributor 123 Volvo B18/Volvo B20 electronic no vacuum

    Sku: 123-B20NV


    Ignition system el Volvo B18A-1968/D 1961- 1964 IGN II

    Sku: 92846


    Volvo 1800E tail harness 1970

    Sku: 683397


    Alternator 12V with regulator 55A

    Sku: 419420


    Wire harness rear Volvo 1800E 1971 LeftD

    Sku: 686879


    Voltage regulator Volvo 12V BOSCH

    Sku: 238640BOSCH


    Ignition system Electronic Volvo B18A -1968/D

    Sku: 2846


    Volvo 1800 E/ES dash harness 1970-1972

    Sku: 1210184


    Ignition system Electronic Volvo B18A 1965-1968

    Sku: 1848


Showing 1–24 of 352 results

Electrical Equipment Parts for Volvo 1800

The electrical system of your Volvo P1800 is structured in such a way that it has a battery that moves electricity through wires and thus supplies energy and power to the components in your car that need it before it returns to the battery. The waves emitted from the battery can also only go in one direction, which means that there is no risk of it colliding in any way. So, it works the same way as human blood circulation.

In the past, the electrical system was very simple and only went to basic things like blinkers and car lights. However, with the rapid development of technology, all modern vehicles have a much more developed and complex electrical system. Your Volvo P1800’s electrical system works by having a generator that creates voltage and charges the battery which sends the voltage out to all electrical components. Without a generator, your Volvo P1800s battery would have discharged very quickly and the cables would not have fulfilled any function at all.

Four systems together make up your electrical system. The charging system that charges the battery, the ignition system that ignites a combination of air and fuel in the engine cylinder, the start-up system that helps the engine start, and the fuel system that consists of an electric pump that sends your fuel to the cylinders.

You will quickly notice when you have problems with your electrical system in your Volvo P1800 as the lights may stop working, the car may not start or the instrument panel may not light up when the car is started. When this happens, you might need to replace the generator as it is very likely that it is the part that has broken. Be sure to contact an authorized workshop that can help you with this, as the generator may not be easily accessible in the hood. Furthermore, you also need to measure the voltage given by the new generator to ensure that it works properly.

We have all possible parts for your Volvo P1800’s electrical system if you choose to shop from us. Especially, the most essential parts such as the generator are adapted for your Volvo P1800.