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Showing 1–24 of 2146 results

The Volvo P1800 Sports Car Dream

After the Volvo P1900 failed to achieve the desired success of its creators, Volvo’s leader became fixated by the idea of an elegant sports car. Perfect for the export market, early designs of the P1800 began with an Italian chassis builder to boost popularity and excitement. At the end of 1957, 3 prototypes were put together, and the first was presented to the board – this was the final version except for a few minor modifications. The very first Volvo sports car was born.

The Jensen Deal
Once the final model of Volvo’s P1800 was approved, the company hit a bump in the road. Due to its innovative design and complex composition, the brand couldn’t produce it at home. After experimenting with some options in Germany, Volvo finally settled on a deal with Britain’s finest: Jensen Motors. Agreeing to outsource some of the bodywork to Scotland’s Pressed Steel Fisher, Jensen signed a contract for 10,000 cars. This was a massive moment in the brand’s history and continues to be a unique turning point for car production across the world.
Final Touches
The newly-created Volvo P1800 was set to take the market by storm, but not before undergoing some final modifications to make it fit for purpose. As well as switching to a different exhaust, the bumpers were also changed, and the classic grille V disappeared. Two years after being introduced to the press in 1959, the Volvo P1800 finally hit the road. Ever since, it’s been a popular car for sports enthusiasts and collectors alike, continuing the bright legacy of the Volvo name.