Volvo Amazon Rear suspension/Transmission

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    Spicer ring & pinion Volvo M27 4.88:1 39×8 teeth

    Sku: 661519


    Volvo PV/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 5.5″ wheel kit

    Sku: 613014-SET


    Crown wheel/pinion PV/Duett/122-wagon (11×50)

    Sku: 658961


    Spicer crown wheel/pinion M30 3,91:1

    Sku: 274195


    Main shaft Volvo M41 overdrive J-type

    Sku: 380571


    Support arm 220 wagon Right Rear

    Sku: 660645


    Support arm 220 wagon Left Rear

    Sku: 660644


    Clutch kit Volvo B16 with throw out bearing Original style

    Sku: 651961OE


    Coil spring kit Volvo Amazon Wagon 220

    Sku: 653184-3


    Bearing Pinion ENV

    Sku: 181232


    Input shaft Volvo M40/M41

    Sku: 380136


    Main shaft Volvo H6

    Sku: 89733


    Bearing kit Diffrential M25 Spicer

    Sku: RA338M25


    Volvo Amazon/Volvo P1800 coil spring kit sport

    Sku: 653184-2


    Volvo overdrive J-type relief valve 1968-80

    Sku: 380778


    Clutch kit Volvo B16 with throw out bearing

    Sku: 651961


    Reverse gear Gear box H5/H6

    Sku: 655649


    Volvo Amazon 220 Wagon rear shock absorber Bilstein

    Sku: 46-1412


    Volvo odJ type relief valve

    Sku: 271454


    Volvo J type overdrive freewheel

    Sku: 274043


    Crown wheel/pinion M30 4,88:1

    Sku: 273129


    Crown wheel/pinion M30 4,56:1

    Sku: 273127


    Volvo crown wheel/pinion M30 4,10:1

    Sku: 273126


    Spicer crown wheel/pinion M30 3,1973:1

    Sku: 273120


Showing 1–24 of 529 results

Rear suspension/Transmission for Volvo Amazon

The term that is normally used to explain the parts of your Volvo Amazon that transfer the engine power to its drive wheels is the transmission. The parts that contribute to the transmission are the clutch, gearbox, rear axle, propeller shaft, drive shaft, and drive wheels.

The gearbox is a component that sits between the front seats in your Volvo Amazon and can be either manual or automatic depending on what kind of car you have. Regardless, the function of the gearbox is the same: to have different gear levels for your car to get the power it needs so that you can get up to the speed you want. If you have a manual car, it typically has a gearbox with six gears, and to shift up or down, you need to press the clutch pedal at the gas pedal and brake. An automatic car has between six and eight gears instead, which depends on which engine your Volvo Amazon has. The big difference is that it does not have a third clutch pedal, but the gear is set automatically instead. Most cars manufactured today are rather automatically driven as it is considered both simpler and safer in many aspects. Many people believe that manually driven cars gradually will become fewer and fewer as more years pass, and they will only be used in certain aspects and industries, such as the sports car industry. However, in your automatic car, there are often settings to give you the possibility to shift it manually instead. Though, this usually happens via the driver display and not via the shift lever. Once you have shifted, the power is transferred from the gearbox to the drive wheels using the drive shaft.

If there is something wrong with your gearbox, it will show you a warning in the driver’s display. If this happens, you should follow the instructions which you can find in your car manual.

We offer everything that has to do with the transmission in your Volvo Amazon. Make sure to check out our assortment to find what you need.