Volvo Amazon Interior parts 

Embarking on a classic Volvo restoration project is no easy feat. As well as ensuring the car’s mechanical integrity is intact and the exterior looks authentic, you’re also tasked with creating a sleek interior. If you’re looking for Volvo Amazon interior parts, you’ve come to the right place.

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    Cover Rear seatVolvo Amazon 120 4d 1957- 1958 blue/silver

    Sku: 97333-35


    Cover Rear back 120 4d 1957-1958 grey/black

    Sku: 97382-83


    Volvo Amazon 220 rear seat 1964 grey

    Sku: 691367-59


    Rear seat Volvo Amazon 220 1964 red ch -14335

    Sku: 691368-60


    Rear seat Volvo Amazon 1964 220 red Ch 14336-

    Sku: 691282-83


    Volvo Amazon Wagon 220 rear seat 1964 grey

    Sku: 691280-81


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 220 wagon 1962 grey

    Sku: 690914-15


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 220 wagon 1962 red

    Sku: 690905-06


    Rear seat Cover Volvo Amazon 220 Wagon 1962 nougat

    Sku: 690901-02


    Volvo P1800 E Carpet kit Blue 1972

    Sku: 000366


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 120 4d 1959-1960 turquoise

    Sku: 98538-39


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 120 4d 1959-1960 greywhite

    Sku: 98273-74


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 120 4d 1959-1960 blue/silver

    Sku: 98100-01


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 120 4d 1961 US light blue

    Sku: 690153-54


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 120 4d 1957-1958 red/silver

    Sku: 97358-59


    Cover rear seat Volvo Amazon 4d 1962 US red

    Sku: 690838-39


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 120 2d 1963-1964 US grey

    Sku: 691256-57


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 4d 1964 US red

    Sku: 691204-05


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 4d 1964 US grey

    Sku: 691202-03


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 120 2d 1962-1963 grey

    Sku: 690877-07


    Cover Rear seatVolvo Amazon 130 1962 US red

    Sku: 690882-08


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 120 2d 1962-1963 grey

    Sku: 690877-27


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 4d 1962 US grey

    Sku: 690826-27


    Cover Rear seat Volvo Amazon 4d 1962 light blue

    Sku: 690436-37


Showing 1–24 of 588 results

Interior for Volvo Amazon

Interior design is something that is a very important aspect of purchasing a car for many people. Maybe you recognized yourself when you bought your Volvo Amazon? There is a great variety of car interiors to choose from and it is certainly the case that not everyone has the same taste and preference for how they think it should look. There are a variety of materials, colors, and designs to choose from. Your Volvo Amazon interior is easy to replace afterward if you are dissatisfied with certain parts or simply just want to upgrade them according to style and needs.

When it comes to the interior, it is often about your Volvo Amazon’s upholstery and seats as well as carpets and other equipment that may be inside the car. You can, for example, choose from leather or fabric seats in different colors and carpets in different shapes and materials. No matter how you choose to do with the carpet, it is important to have a proper carpet in the car as it can otherwise easily be damaged by moisture or become dirty. This is especially important in a country like Sweden where there is a risk for a lot of rain and snow. Permanent stains can appear and it can even leak through to the bottom of your Volvo Amazon and cause corrosion, which is much more difficult to fix and is downright very unnecessary.

The interior is exposed to a lot of wear and tear the more it is used and you can even choose to replace everything inside the car due to simple hygienic reasons. If you spend a lot of time in your Volvo Amazon, it may be important that you feel comfortable and that the car feels clean and fresh when you use it.

Many companies sell interiors for cars, but we have components and parts for your interior that are made especially for your Volvo Amazon in different models.

Exceptional Interiors for the Volvo Amazon

After realizing their competitors were creating more extensive and more spacious designs, Volvo embarked on a mission to meet the market’s needs. First introduced in 1956, the Volvo Amazon featured a bold two-tone exterior and the interior excellence to match. Buttery leather, iconic dashboards and sophisticated textiles are just some of the features that define this innovative car. As well as sourcing original parts from suppliers worldwide, we’re also a leading provider of authentic reproductions to get your dream results.

Breaking Records
In the mid-60s, Volvo achieved a world-first with the seating they installed into their Amazon designs. Developed to allow for complete driving comfort, the new front seats in the Volvo Amazon were built with adjustable lumbar support technology. These could be customized to meet each driver’s needs, offering something no other car brand had ever managed before. Carry the Volvo legacy forward and restore your car to its former glory with vintage parts you can trust.
Details Matter
When it comes to completing a classic Volvo restoration project, the minor details make the most significant difference. Thanks to our vast selection of original and reproduced Volvo parts, you can get the complete finish your project deserves. Whether you’re replacing board panels, upgrading with a carpet kit or replacing the seating throughout, we’ve got the vintage parts you need to make it happen.