Volvo Amazon Fuel/Exhaust system parts 

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    Carburetors SUHS1962-bolt Volvo B18B/D, “KD” rebuilt

    Sku: 237245


    Volvo carburetor SU 2-boltZH rebuilt

    Sku: 237219


    Carburetors SU 3-bolt rebuilt

    Sku: 237314


    Exhaust system Volvo Amazon 2″ 1967-70 SS

    Sku: VO30901S


    Exhaust system Volvo Amazon 120/130 67-70 SS

    Sku: VO30701


    Exhaust system AZ wagon 62-66 SS

    Sku: VO30601


    Exhaust system Volvo Amazon 120/130 62-66 SS

    Sku: VO30501


    Carburetor SU H4 Volvo B16B rebuilt

    Sku: 237069


    Fuel tank Volvo Amazon 220 wagon

    Sku: 260025


    Carburetor Volvo Stromberg 175 CDI Volvo B20A 1969- rebuilt

    Sku: 237802


    Carburetor Volvo Zenith 36 VN Volvo B18A 1961-1966 rebuilt

    Sku: 237128


    Carburetor Volvo Zenith 34 VN Volvo B16A rebuilt

    Sku: 237027


    Exhaust system Volvo Amazon 122 1967-1970 2″ sport stainless Steel

    Sku: 025KSS


    Volvo carburetor Volvo Stromberg 175 CDI Volvo B18A rebuilt

    Sku: 237243


    Exhaust Volvo Amazon 2/4-d 1967-1970 2″ Abarth

    Sku: 291135


    Exhaust system Volvo Amazon 220 Wagon 1967-1969 2″ sport stainless steel

    Sku: 025K2SS


    Exhaust system Volvo Amazon 122 1962-1966 2″sport stainless

    Sku: 025K1SS


    Exhaust system Volvo Amazon standard 1967-1970

    Sku: 291130


    Volvo Amazonwagon exhaust system kit 1967-1970

    Sku: 291150


    Fuel tank Volvo Amazon 2/4 door

    Sku: 260020


    Exhaust system Volvo Ama<on 130 1957-1961 B16 ch 12793-

    Sku: CV3K


    Volvo Amazon standard exhaust system1962-1966

    Sku: 291120


    Exhaust system 220 wagon 1962-1966 Volvo B18

    Sku: 291140


    Exhaust system Volvo Amazon 220 Wagon 1967-1969 2″sport

    Sku: 025K2


Showing 1–24 of 445 results

Fuel exhaust to Volvo Amazon

Two very important parts of your Volvo Amazon to get it rolling are your exhaust system and your fuel tank.

The exhaust system is needed to take the exhaust gases away from the engine, to make these exhaust fumes less harmful from chemicals and also dampens the sound that comes from the many million small explosions that occur when the engine burns the fuel. To be approved during the yearly inspection, you must have an exhaust system that is complete and works properly. If you fail to do so, it may result in you having to replace it. Therefore, you should regularly maintain the exhaust system to ensure that it has not been damaged by, among other things, rust damage. When replacing the system, remember to replace everything at the same time as you do not want to service your car several times during a short period. The reason for this is that you may have to replace additional parts as a consequence of other certain parts being damaged, or that they become unusable at different times. We have everything you could need for your exhaust system – things like mufflers, exhaust pipes and catalytic converters.

What the fuel tank is good for is that it is a container for your flammable fuel and prevents it from starting to burn or in the worst case, explode when it comes in contact with certain things. Therefore, you must always make sure that your fuel tank does not leak. You can quickly notice this by the fact that your Volvo Amazon is in a puddle of fuel after you have parked for a while, or that the consumption of fuel is higher than what you are used to. If your fuel tank has smaller holes, it may be possible to repair it, but it depends entirely on the material from which it is made. However, be prepared that you may need to replace the tank in its entirety if the leak is too large. For your Volvo Amazon, we have both fuel tanks and fuel pumps.

We also have carburetors and air filters for your Volvo Amazon that you can buy if you need it.