Volvo Amazon Front suspension/Axle

Volvo P1800 Rear suspension 1966-73

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    Volvo Amazon 123 GT steering wheel

    Sku: 672596


    Volvo PV/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 5.5″ wheel kit

    Sku: 613014-SET


    Steering wheel Grant 14,5″ walNut Volvo

    Sku: 1170


    Coil spring kit Volvo Amazon Wagon 220

    Sku: 653184-3


    Steering wheel Grant 14″ Formula GT wood

    Sku: 704


    Volvo Amazon/Volvo P1800 coil spring kit sport

    Sku: 653184-2


    Shock absorber kit Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 front/rear gas KYB

    Sku: 276553GR2-SET


    Sway bar kit Volvo Amazon 1″ front

    Sku: 653357K


    Wishbone Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 lower Right

    Sku: 671352


    Wishbone Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 lower Left

    Sku: 671351


    Volvo Amazon 123 GT/Volvo 1800 front shock absorber

    Sku: 276552KONI


    Steering wheel Grant 15″ Classic 5 black

    Sku: 993


    Volvo Amazon 123GT steering wheel center

    Sku: 672597


    Steering wheel Grant 14″ GT mahogny imitation

    Sku: 377


    Volvo Amazon frontbushing kit Polyurethane 1962-1970

    Sku: 600602PU


    Volvo Amazon O/D switch, (as SWF original)

    Sku: 663047


    Flasher switch Volvo Amazon

    Sku: 657317


    Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 front shock absorber Bilstein

    Sku: 46-0283


    Sway bar Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 1″ Front -1969

    Sku: 653357


    Volvo PV/Duett/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 steel wheel 5,5″

    Sku: 613014


    Volvo PV 544/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 steel wheel 4.5” 1965-1970

    Sku: 668280


    Steering column lower section Volvo Amazon Ch -54392

    Sku: 656711


    Volvo Amazon 1957-1958/Volvo PV/Duett 1951- front brake drum

    Sku: 667102


    Volvo hub cap PV/Duett 1962-1964/Amazon57-1964/Volvo 1800 1963-1964

    Sku: 654108-1


Showing 1–24 of 220 results

Front suspension parts for Volvo Amazon

Everything that has to do with the front of your Volvo Amazon is called the front trailer has to do with the front suspension. Some examples are that it may have to do with the steering and front wheels. There are times when you may hear strange noises from the front of your Volvo Amazon or when you may notice that something is not sitting firmly enough, in which case you should check it out immediately. If the car’s control arms wear, you may have problems with steering and stability, but you may also experience that your tires wear much faster. If you were to wait too long to fix the problem, the tire might just come loose. To ensure that the control arm is properly repaired, you should replace it completely as it can not be repaired in an approved way. Some examples of how your front suspension experiences wear and tear are due to rust and road salt, but also due to a lack of quality of the product initially. Furthermore, poorly maintained roads with unpredictable holes can be an additional reason why these stop working quickly.

The part that ensures that your front wheels are kept in place and the right position is what is called the spindle joint which is also a part of the front suspension. It is also the spindle joint that rotates the wheels to the right side to make your Volvo Amazon turn when you turn the steering wheel. All vehicles, your Volvo Amazon as well, have two spindle joints, one on each side. These wear out very quickly, so keep in mind that you may need to replace them relatively often. There are several ways to know if they need to be replaced and that is if they make strange noises while driving. However, you won’t notice anything when you sit behind the wheel, so it is often the yearly inspection that reveals if they need to be replaced. When changing front suspension parts and axles, you should go to a car workshop if you do not have special tools for that purpose close at hand.

The front suspension on larger cars is often inferior. This is also where you usually find many hidden faults when buying used cars, so be sure to look at this extra carefully on your Volvo Amazon if that should be the case. It happens more often than not that, for example, the suspension feels good when you drive the car, but that the vehicle shows errors when you drive on other terrain and ground.

We have all kinds of front suspension details for your Volvo Amazon; everything from the front trailer to steering gears to handlebars.