Volvo Amazon Engine throttle linkage parts

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    Throttle link kit Volvo B18 SU 1967-1968

    Sku: 671950-SET


    Grommet kit Cowl Volvo Amazon 1957-1961

    Sku: 395203


    Volvo PV/Volvo 1800/Volvo Amazon choke wire, double carburetors

    Sku: 55192-2


    Shaft SU throttle link Upper 1967-1968

    Sku: 671950


    Bracket Intake Volvo PV/Volvo 210/Volvo Amazon/P1800

    Sku: 418506


    Choke wire stirrup kit Volvo B16B

    Sku: 71678


    Volvo choke Clamp Volvo SU -1966

    Sku: 237178


    Wire stirrup choke Volvo B16B

    Sku: 71679


    Choke wire single carburetter Volvo B16B/Volvo B18A

    Sku: 55192


    Coupling Volvo B14A/Volvo B16B SU

    Sku: 71676


    Washer Volvo Choke Volvo PV/Duett/Volvo Amazon

    Sku: 673250



    Sku: 658668


    Lever Volvo VN34/Volvo VN36

    Sku: 656695


    Grommet accelerator pedal Volvo PV/Duett/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800

    Sku: 653218


    Pushrod gas Volvo B18B/D UAR

    Sku: 191203


    Volvo sleeve choke cable SU -1966

    Sku: 237168


    Ball Volvo joint Carb. linkage Left thread M5

    Sku: 942837


    Screw Volvo

    Sku: 190590


    Throttle linkage, Volvo 140 Volvo B20B ZS

    Sku: 943315


    Lock Washer Volvo

    Sku: 94641


    Rubber ring Volvo

    Sku: 664425


    Grommet accelerator pedal Volvo Amazon B18/Volvo B20, 1800

    Sku: 663052


    Ball Volvo joint, Volvo Carburettor linkage

    Sku: 959088


    Grommet rubber d-9 D-30

    Sku: 654507


Showing 1–24 of 63 results

Engine parts for Volvo Amazon

What transforms the energy in your Volvo Amazon into physical movement and heat is the engine. It consists of many different engine parts. To begin with, it is the engine block that is the basis of the internal combustion engine. The engine block then typically has four holes which are also called cylinders. There is a cylinder head on top of the cylinder and a piston on the bottom. When fuel is combined with air, it becomes a type of gas that ends up in the cylinders. This gas is then ignited to create pressure that goes through the gearbox and ends up in the drive wheels that make the car roll.

The pistons that the pressure goes through make several thousand movements per minute because the engine works quickly, and this means that the pistons are exposed to rapid wear. It is then important to put the car in service regularly so that the pistons always work. The most important thing is that you have good and proper engine oil. The reason why the engine oil is important is that it reduces the friction that is created, which means that the engine will last a long time.

It is extra important that your engine is replaced and repaired in a correct and legal manner. Above all, you need to buy the right type of engine parts that suit your engine and your Volvo Amazon model. It is then advantageous to procure your parts from the same supplier to make sure that they really fit together. We have everything from cylinder heads to oil pumps and valve parts for your Volvo Amazon. We have products for your Volvo Amazon B16, Volvo Amazon B18, and Volvo Amazon B20.

If your engine stops working, it is important that you understand why this has happened, so that the new engine does not suffer from the same problem. If you are not entirely sure that you can do it yourself, you should take the car to a workshop that will take care of it for you. This is especially important when it comes to your engine.