Volvo Amazon Electrical equipment parts 

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    Wiring harness Volvo Amazon 123GT 1967-1968

    Sku: 244


    Wiring harness Volvo Amazon 1963

    Sku: 250


    Wiring harness Volvo 120/130 Volvo B18 1965-1968

    Sku: 242


    Wiring harness Volvo Amazon 220 Wagon 1965-1968

    Sku: 254


    Wiring harness Volvo Amazon 220 Wagon 1964

    Sku: 253


    Wiring harness Volvo Amazon 1962

    Sku: 249


    Wiring harness Volvo Amazon 120/130 1969-1970 Volvo B20

    Sku: 243


    Wiring harness Volvo Amazon 1964

    Sku: 251


    Wiring harness Volvo Amazon 220 Wagon 1969

    Sku: 262


    Wiring harness 120 1964 Right drive

    Sku: 3018


    Wiring harness Volvo Amazon 1965-1967 Right Drive

    Sku: 3019


    Wiring harness Volvo Amazon 1970 Right Drive

    Sku: 3023


    Wiring harness 220 wagon 1962-1963

    Sku: 252


    Volvo B18/Volvo B20 Ignition Distributor 123 for USB

    Sku: 123-B20Tune


    Ignition Distributor 123 Volvo B4B/Volvo B16

    Sku: 123-B16


    Volvo Ignition Distributor 123 Volvo B18/Volvo B20

    Sku: 123-B20


    Distributor 123 Volvo B18/Volvo B20 electronic no vacuum

    Sku: 123-B20NV


    Alternator 12V with regulator 55A

    Sku: 419420


    Spotlight Volvo SEV/Marshal

    Sku: 281352


    Voltage regulator Volvo 12V BOSCH

    Sku: 238640BOSCH


    Temperature gauge Volvo PV/Volvo Amazon58-1970

    Sku: 673999


    Ignition module Volvo B4B/Volvo B16 6V Bosch

    Sku: 2843N6


    Volvo B18/Volvo B20/B30/Volvo 240/740/940 starter motor

    Sku: 240360


    Volvo Amazon O/D switch, (as SWF original)

    Sku: 663047


Showing 1–24 of 418 results

Electrical equipment parts for Volvo Amazon

One parable is between your Volvo Amazon’s electrical system and your own body’s blood circulation. The vehicle has a battery (equivalent to your heart) that carries electricity (your blood) through wires (your veins) to provide energy and power to the components that need it before returning to the battery. This analogy is even more precise when one further considers the fact that the waves emitted from the electricity can only be carried in the same direction – that is, from the battery to the components to return to the battery again.

With the rapid development in practically all industries, all modern vehicles have a much more updated and complex electrical system than before. Previously, they only had simple things such as blinkers and car lights. For the electrical system in your Volvo Amazon to work, its components are charged with voltage from the generator. If they had not received voltage from the generator, no electricity would have circulated and thus nothing would have worked either.

Many different parts are built together for your electrical system:
– A charging system: Ensures that the car’s battery is charged and receives electricity
– An ignition system: Ignites a mixture of air and fuel in the engine cylinder.
– A start-up system: A system that supports the engine’s ability to start.
– A fuel system: An electrical pump that sends the fuel through the ignition system to the cylinders.

When you have problems with the electrical system of your Volvo Amazon, you will notice it. This may be because the lights won’t work, the car won’t start when you try to start it or the control panel doesn’t respond when you try to start it. In these cases, you might need to change the generator, and if so, you should contact a car workshop that will help you with it as it can be awkwardly placed in the engine compartment. In addition, you may need to measure voltage from it to ensure that it sends out electricity properly to your components.

You can find all possible parts and accessories for your Volvo Amazon’s electrical system on our website. We offer everything from different types of lighting to generators to new cables that you may need.