Volvo Amazon Cooling system parts 

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    Volvo PV/Duett/Volvo Amazon B18 radiator 1961-1966

    Sku: 252087-A


    Radiator Volvo Amazon/Volvo 140 1967-1970/P1800 1967-1973

    Sku: 252111-A


    Radiator Volvo Amazon 1957-1960 Volvo B16

    Sku: 252056


    Water pump Volvo B16

    Sku: 418031


    Fan motor Volvo Amazon 6V rebuilt

    Sku: 658716


    Expansion tank Volvo Original Amazon/Volvo 140/Volvo 1800

    Sku: 686833


    Volvo B18/Volvo B20 water pump kit (Volvo original)

    Sku: 271602


    Expansion tank Volvo Amazon/Volvo 140/Volvo 1800

    Sku: 686833E


    Water pipe return Volvo Amazon B20/Volvo 140 1967-1972

    Sku: 419331


    Volvo PV/Duett B18/Volvo Amazon B18/Volvo 1800 water return pipe

    Sku: 419414


    Hose Clamp Volvo Kit Volvo PV/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800, 1962-1966

    Sku: HKC62-66


    Radiator hose kit Volvo B18 -1966 with mounting

    Sku: 273062


    Hose Clamp Volvo Kit, 1967-1968 Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 OE

    Sku: HKC67-68


    Waterinlet pipe Volvo B18/Volvo B20

    Sku: 418334


    Radiator hose lower Volvo Amazon/18E-ES/Volvo 140 SILICONE

    Sku: 680765SI


    Radiator hose Upper Volvo B18/Volvo B20 SILICONE

    Sku: 676556SI


    Rad hose Volvo B18 Upper/lower -1966 SILICONE

    Sku: 663031SI


    Thermostat Volvo B18/Volvo B20 (87°C, 189°F)

    Sku: 273458


    Volvo thermostat housing Volvo B18 1″ -1966

    Sku: 418325


    Thermostat housing Volvo B18/Volvo B20/B30 1 1/4″

    Sku: 419333


    Thermostat Volvo B18/Volvo B20/B30 (92°C,198°F)

    Sku: 273277


    Radiator hose Lower Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 E/ES/Volvo 140

    Sku: 680765


    Radiator hose Volvo B16 lower

    Sku: 660095


    Cap expansion tank Volvo B20/B30

    Sku: 673233


Showing 1–24 of 90 results

Cooling system parts for Volvo Amazon

The cooling system in your Volvo Amazon is one of the most essential parts because it would not have been possible for you to drive your car if it had not existed. This is because the engine would have quickly become too hot and had become a risk for you and your fellow road users.

In your Volvo Amazon, you have a cooling system that is powered by a liquid-based coolant. The way it works is that the coolant goes through the engine and picks up the heat. This heat is supplied to the radiator via rubber hoses and then to the radiator located on the front of the car. The heat is then cooled by the air that flows in through your Volvo Amazon’s grill on the front. When the heat has cooled down, the coolant is also cooled down again and then it goes back to the engine to pick up new heat again and so on. To keep the coolant in constant motion, there are water pumps that take care of it.

It is important that the temperature in the engine is kept at an even level since a temperature that is too high or too low leads to different consequences. If the engine’s temperature is too high, the engine will wear out and destroy itself. If, on the other hand, the temperature is too low, fuel combustion is affected, which in turn increases emissions. To prevent too low temperature, there is a thermostat located between the radiator and the engine. What happens when the temperature starts to get too low is that the thermostat blocks the coolant to the radiator. To prevent too high temperature, the cooling system is programmed to be able to increase the coolant’s boiling point under high pressure.

It is not only the outer parts of your Volvo Amazon that are exposed to wear but so does the coolant in your cooling system, which means that it sometimes needs to be replaced. However, when it needs to happen depends on its quality, and you can get that information from those who made your Volvo Amazon. However, it is important to replace the coolant if it is affected by oil or corrosion. After all, you do not want to risk your engine maintaining the wrong temperature.

With us you can find cooling systems for your Volvo Amazon in the following models:
Volvo Amazon B18 1967-68
Volvo Amazon B20 1969-70
Volvo Amazon B16 1957-60 / 61
Volvo Amazon B18 1962-66

There are also water pumps for your Volvo Amazon 1962-70 if you would need them.