Volvo Amazon Brake parts 

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    Brake servo Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 -1968 (1& 2 circiut)

    Sku: VH44


    Brake booster Volvo 1800 B201969-1973/ Volvo 122 Volvo B20 RightD

    Sku: 673768


    Brake proportioning valve Volvo Amazon/Volvo P1800/Volvo 140/164

    Sku: 677588-89


    Volvo Amazon 1957- 1958/Volvo PV&PV/Duett 51- front brake drum

    Sku: 667102-1


    Brake booster Volvo Amazon/Volvo 140 2-Circuit

    Sku: 1387640


    Brake caliper brackets Volvo 1800/Volvo Amazon 120 1963-1968

    Sku: 666528-29


    Brake pads Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 ch -6999

    Sku: 275819


    Pressure regulator brake system Volvo 1800/Volvo Amazon

    Sku: 671894


    Volvo Amazon/1800 B20 Brake hose kit-Steel braided

    Sku: 600105


    Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800/Volvo 140 brake caliper 2-circuit Right Front

    Sku: 684433N


    Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800/Volvo 140 brake caliper 2-circuit Left Front

    Sku: 684432N


    Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 brake caliper 1-circuit Right Front

    Sku: 670725N


    Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 brake caliper 1-circuit Left Front

    Sku: 670724N


    Brake master cylinder Volvo Amazon 122/P1800 1968

    Sku: 672825MBH


    Brake line kit Volvo PV 444/Volvo 445/PV 544/Volvo Amazon -1958

    Sku: 271801


    Union brake Volvo B20 Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800/Volvo 140/164 6-way

    Sku: 677610


    Volvo brake drum puller

    Sku: 9991791


    Volvo 1800 1969-/Volvo 140/164 master brake cylinder with reservoir

    Sku: 673766MBH


    Caliper 1800 3-piston w/ cross over Right

    Sku: 668993


    Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 master brake cylinder 1968

    Sku: 672825


    Brake Drum Volvo 122 1959-1964 10” Front

    Sku: 667126


    Brake drum Volvo PV/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 rear

    Sku: 673797


    Volvo Amazon 1957-1958/Volvo PV/Duett 1951- front brake drum

    Sku: 667102


    Brake disc/rotor Volvo Amazon 1963-1970/P1800 1963-1969

    Sku: 666525


Showing 1–24 of 297 results

Brake parts for Volvo Amazon

The brakes in your Volvo Amazon is one of the most important safety measures in your car. If you don’t have well functioning brakes, this will pose great danger for both you, your passengers, and other people on the road.

The critical function which your car’s brake system fulfil is to slow down your Volvo Amazon. When you press on the brake pedal, that power will be sent to the brake caliper with the help of the hydraulics. What happens there, is that friction will be created between the brake discs which prevents the wheels to continue rolling. The brakes remove the so called kinetic energy in your Volvo Amazon which is transformed to heat when the brake pedal is pushed to slow down the car. Since friction is created between your brake discs every time you press on the brake, these get thinner and thinner with time, which creates an uneccessary risk if they would become way too thin. Thus, you must make sure that your brakes are well functioning at all times. If it would be the case that you don’t have well-functioning brakes, you shouldn’t take your Volvo Amazon out for any more rides. When changing your brake discs, it is important to think about that they should be replaced in pairs, in other words, both front and back at the same time. The reason for this is that uneven brake discs can affect your steering very negatively.

Your original brakes of your Volvo Amazon need many different pieces to be working optimally. The vehicle need brake discs, rotors, brake drums, brake calipers and other hardware which all must work together. When the OEM-brakes on your Volvo Amazon give you an unusual feeling, make noise or give you troubles to stop the car, it may be time to replace them. Luckily, it isn’t too expensive to replace them if you buy all the different pieces online.

You should think about the fact that you shouldn’t replace your brakes on your own if you don’t have sufficient knowledge. You should also remember that regardless of how many brake discs you have, you only need one single accumulation bin and one single brake pad kit.

Here you can find all types of parts for your brakes (rear brakes, front brakes, handbrakes and brake cylinders) for your Volvo Amazon.