Volvo Amazon Wheels/Hub caps

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    Volvo PV/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 5.5″ wheel kit

    Sku: 613014-SET


    Hub cap kit Volvo 15″ racing disc

    Sku: 1415


    Hub cap kit Volvo 14″ racing disc

    Sku: 1414


    Volvo PV/Duett/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 steel wheel 5,5″

    Sku: 613014


    Volvo PV 544/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 steel wheel 4.5” 1965-1970

    Sku: 668280


    Brake drum Volvo PV/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 rear

    Sku: 673797


    Volvo Amazon 1957-1958/Volvo PV/Duett 1951- front brake drum

    Sku: 667102


    Volvo hub cap PV/Duett 1962-1964/Amazon57-1964/Volvo 1800 1963-1964

    Sku: 654108-1


    Trim ring kit Volvo 14″ stainless

    Sku: 1514


    Tire195/15 black side Cooper

    Sku: 1965-526


    Tire 185/15 black side

    Sku: 1965-521


    Volvo trim ring kit 16″ stainless

    Sku: 1516


    Trim ring Volvo PV/Duett/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 1951-1964

    Sku: 88754


    Volvo PV/Duett/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 1965-1970 hub cap

    Sku: 670437


    Trim ring kit Volvo 13″ plastic

    Sku: 1513


    Wheel Nut Volvo kit UNF 1957-1984 lock

    Sku: 87699L


    Volvo center cap 5,5″ wheel STAINLESS

    Sku: 684849SS


    Volvo PV/Duett/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800 wheel stud

    Sku: 654490


    Wheel stud, brake disc Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800

    Sku: 657874


    Volvo hub cap red V Decal Volvo

    Sku: 190


    Volvo wheel Nut Volvo 5,5″ wheel chromed

    Sku: C5ZZ-1012-A


    Volvo hub cap red V Decal

    Sku: 1210343


    Volvo hub cap black Decal

    Sku: 1210345


    Wheel Nut Volvo PV/Duett/Volvo Amazon/Volvo 1800/Volvo 140/164 -1985

    Sku: 87699


Showing all 24 results

Wheels & hub caps for Volvo Amazon

To ensure that you have driving that is as comfortable and safe as possible, you should have proper and correct tires on your Volvo Amazon. Safety is ensured by having the right groove depth on the tires, while it is important to have approved tires under the right weather conditions for you to drive around in a car that is also following regulations. The more you drive the car the more you realize that the tires lose grip of the ground and your driving becomes worse and less safe. Therefore, it is important that you have a good idea of ​​when the tires should be replaced because they are worn and when they should be replaced because it is unsafe or unsuitable to drive during certain weather or seasons, i.e. during the summer or winter seasons.

There is a difference between winter tires as there are those that have studs and those that do not have studs. Which of them you should have on your car depends on where you live in the country and where you are planning to drive your Volvo Amazon in the first place. If you live in a big city, you should not have studded tires as they have a greater risk of tearing up dangerous particles that can be dangerous to everyone’s health. It is also completely forbidden to have studded tires on certain roads inside the city center. Then you should rather have the non-studded tires that have a lower risk of tearing up these dangerous particles.

The thing that is placed in the middle outside the tire itself is called the rim. These are often made of the materials aluminum or sheet steel. Its function is to hold the tire to the car and ensure that the car’s inner hoses do not explode. Furthermore, it is also a decorative part of your Volvo Amazon and can look very different. Keep in mind that not all rims fit all tires, and this means that different tires have special rims that fit them. We have both tires and rims that are specially made for your Volvo Amazon.

We are also hub caps that are the part that can be placed on top of the rim to protect and/or improve the appearance of the rim. The same for the hub caps apply to the rims, they are not suitable for all types of rims. Therefore, it is beneficial that you can find all the parts with us