Volvo 240/Volvo 260 Parts

Volvo’s 200 series is a crucial source of joy for car collectors and vintage enthusiasts alike. If you’re embarking on a restoration project or making some essential repairs, shop our extensive selection of Volvo 240/260 parts today.

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Showing 1–24 of 5080 results

Cost-Effective Quality in the Volvo 200 serie

When the ‘70s came around, Volvo began to consider replacing their 140 series to prepare for the future. Critical updates were required, including those that guaranteed a better balance between driver safety and cost-effectiveness. To kickstart a fresh production era, they would build the new car at a brand new factory in Kalmar, commissioned by Volvo’s president, Gyllenhammar. The 240 and 260 exemplify the bold 1970s, capturing a modern appearance and a much sleeker shape.

Powerhouse Engines

As well as developing a new look with the Volvo 240/260, the brand also found focus on creating their most powerful engines yet. New components were designed to offer immense driving force and abide by stricter environmental standards. The new B21 engine was belt-driven and equipped with a fuel injection system designed to combat emissions regulations for the US market.
History-Making Partnership

The early ‘70s brought about a momentous partnership for the Volvo brand, resulting in the 260 model. While Peugeot and Renault joined forces in the late 1960s to produce some parts together, Volvo soon turned the pairing into a trio. Together, they developed a small six-cylinder engine to keep costs low and share their expertise across the project. With a similar design to the 240 except for a longer nose and rectangular headlights, the Volvo 260 certainly took its era by storm. If you’re hoping to keep this legacy alive and revive that ‘70s nostalgia, shop our site for the vintage Volvo parts you’ve been searching for.