Volvo 140/Volvo 164 Parts

Designed to achieve a completely authentic Volvo experience, the Volvo 140 and Volvo 164 brought something entirely momentous to their time. If you’re upgrading your beloved car or embarking on a Volvo restoration project, we’ve got the vintage Volvo parts you need to get started.

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    Carburetor SU 2-bult, KD New

    Sku: 237244-45


    Cover Rear seat Volvo 164 1972-1974 light blue Left

    Sku: 695946-48


    Exhaust system Volvo 140 1967-1973 SS

    Sku: VO40001


    Cover Rear seatVolvo Amazon 164 1970-1972 gold

    Sku: 694776-72


    Piston kit w.rings Volvo B18 0,033 Race/OE

    Sku: 275200


    Piston kit with rings Volvo B18 Race/0.5higher

    Sku: 275199


    Piston kit w.ring Volvo B20 Race/OE height

    Sku: 270011


    Piston kit w.rings Volvo B20 Race/0,5 higher

    Sku: 270010


    Cover Rear seatVolvo Amazon 164 1967-1971 black ch-22322

    Sku: 693601-03


    Upholstery frt seats Volvo 164 beige code 928

    Sku: 928753-FRT


    Cover Re seat Volvo 164 1970-1974 Maroon*Ch-2151970

    Sku: 693604-06


    Cover Re seat Volvo 164 1970-1974 maroon ch#22323-

    Sku: 695281-06


    Carburetors SUHS1962-bolt Volvo B18B/D, “KD” rebuilt

    Sku: 237245


    Volvo carburetor SU 2-boltZH rebuilt

    Sku: 237219


    Carburetors SU 3-bolt rebuilt

    Sku: 237314


    Carburetor Volvo Stromberg 175 CDI B30A 1971- re

    Sku: 237480


    Wiring harness Injection Volvo 140 1971

    Sku: 688360


    Upholstery set Volvo 164 beige Rear seat/back

    Sku: 928753-RR


    Wiring harness Injection Volvo 1641975 B30E

    Sku: 1215279


    Cover Rear seatVolvo Amazon 1641971 red

    Sku: 694770-75


    Wiring harness Injection Volvo 164 1972-1973 B30E

    Sku: 688622


    Cover Rear seatVolvo Amazon 140GL/Volvo 164 1973-1974 brown

    Sku: 696475-81


    Wiring harness Injection Volvo 140 1972-1973

    Sku: 1214821


    Volvo 1800 E/ES wheel kit ATS

    Sku: 283513-SET


Showing 1–24 of 3322 results

Safety First with the Volvo 140

Under the P1400 project, Volvo’s 1960s team was set on creating their safest model yet. Designed for families and solo drivers alike, the new development was more robust, with crumple zones at the front and back. As well as developing exterior safety measures, a smarter braking system was added and a dashboard to prevent severe injuries in the event of a crash. Completed with fresh door locks and more intelligent safety belts, Volvo’s latest model was set to be their most secure vehicle yet.

Space-Saving Innovation
When it comes to giving drivers and passengers the space they need, Volvo has always understood what’s what. The 140 and the 164 were both initially designed to be low-cost and more extensive than their previous models, providing owners with more comfort and better storage. To fit the massive B20 engine with bonus cylinders into the car, the design was made longer and more efficient – that’s when both series truly came to fruition.
The Luxury of Volvo 164
While the 140 was finalized in a much more low-cost format, the Volvo 164 provided limitless luxury to the market. Complete with stunning upholstery, high-quality carpet and a sleek wooden dashboard, its popularity was instantaneous. Introduced in 1968, the Volvo 164 was an immediate hit with markets worldwide, adored for its opulent interior, exceptional details and space-saving potential. If you’re renovating your Volvo 164, we’ve got the vintage parts you need to restore its former glory.