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Floor front carpet Volvo Amazon 62-64 gray rubber



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Important information. 

The previous supplier stopped the production of the rubber mats in 2016. 
The process of producing rubber mats with vacuum forming was a unique process for this manufacturer. 
No other manufacturer uses this process so we are working with a new supplier to produce the mats
in thermoplastic rubber (similar to cargo area mats in modern cars). Still with Volvo original tooling.
The first samples are not yet approved and we are working with the manufacturer to test new materials and modify the process.
This is a process that will require a lot of modifications in tooling, materials and manufacturing process. 
We have no estimated delivery time at this point and the very earliest time for delivery would probably be in second half of 2019 if the new production method is successful.


Since the mat manufacturer supplies these mats without removing excess material, 
we include this instruction for you to use as a guide when trimming to fit your 122.

Front rubber mat (Black: 670698R / Grey: 670867
Trim waste material surrounding the mat by following the thin line that runs around the entire 
mat about an inch into it.

You will probably need to remove a bit more material, but do that with the mat in position in the vehicle.

If your car has a manual gearbox, you should cut a hole where the “V” emblem is located. 
For models 1965-70 you will also need to cut an oval hole to hook up the air duct from the heater.
Models pre 1964 don’t have this connection.

There are also markings for cuts you need to make to fit the mat under the front seats. 
Cut a hole where the circle marking is, and just follow the thin line from there.

Rear rubber mat (Black: 670699 / Grey: 670868)
Put the mat in position in the car, and trim the mat to fit. Note that 4 door cars and Wagons
are different from the 2 door model. 
This is why you should trim this mat in the car.

Trunk mat (Black: 660677)
Put it in position in the trunk, and trim it to fit.


If rubber mats are not immediately installed in the car the following storage instruction must be followed:

- Store flat like they install in the car, cannot be stored folded.
- Store dark and cool.

This is to avoid cracking of the rubber mat caused by incorrect storage. The manufacturer will not approve
any claims on mats with dry cracks.