Safety belts Volvo 220 Wagon

Safety belt front seat 3-point belt View larger

Safety belt front seat 3-point belt




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Fits for the following cars/models:

Volvo PV, fits only after modification. Bracket to change roll position must be manufactured.
Volvo Duett
Volvo Amazon Kombi
Volvo Amazon 2d 1965-1970
Volvo Amazon 4d 1965-1968
Volvo P1800E 1970-72
Volvo 140 1967-74
Volvo 164 1967-1972


Automatic seat belt for one seat. The belt catches in this kit have a total length of 325 mm.

Not suitable for early models with 2-point fitting at the upper B-pillar. There must be 1 hole with a diameter of about 11 mm. Additionally, it can be necessary to make mounting points at the middle tunnel. You can weld item no. 1017353 for example. Enclosed screws fit for standard belt thread. In old vehicles, another thread can be used.

Caution safety-related installation!
We presuppose expertise. Ask an experienced mechanic if you are unsure.

This is how you dismount the ball that blocks that the belt runs freely in all positions/angles:

3-point safety belt instalation