Workshop manuals Volvo Amazon 120, 57-70

Reference: CD51950

The DVD includes all of Volvo's original parts catalogs and service manuals.


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Installation instructions: 

To activate the software you require an Internet connection! 

1. In order to open the files, you require the PDC Viewer Software. You can download this software at the following address: 

Windows Users:

Mac Users:

2. After installing the PDC Viewer you must register yourself under the following Link:

Enter the license code contained on the DVD as well as a valid e-mail address. 

3. You will then receive a license file that will be sent to your E-Mail address. With this, you will be able to view the document on the DVD with the help of the PDC viewer. 

System requirements: 
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 
Mac OSX from 10.4 
For OSX 10.6 on Intel-based Macs, Apple's Rosetta must be installed. 

Detailed instructions including links are also found on the DVD under the menu item "Introduction". 

This notes are only additional hints for your orientation and do not represent nor replace the official installation guidelines from the manufacturers. No liability assumed.