About This Site.

At the steering wheel of this business is me, the founder ET Carlin. I'm a former airline Captain with a long life passion for classic cars. My Swedish heritage gives me a weakness for classic Volvos. I've played around with these cars all my life.

My job took me around the world and gave me insights and many friends within this car hobby. Often when working in the US, I was told it was hard to find parts. I wanted to change this. In Sweden, it's not that hard (gradually getting harder though).

       E T Carlin                              

Approach to classicvolvorestoration parts shop

The LLC is US registered.

(Carlin Global Enterprises LLC, WY)

But I pilot this from Stockholm, Sweden (still advantages when it comes to Volvo parts). All parts ship from a warehouse on the US east coast.

Sometimes directly from the Swedish storage.

Parts are getting harder to source, thus some delivery time often occurs! Parts shown are generally available, but not at all times in stock!

There's no storefront. No pickups. All web-based.

No operations during weekends or holidays!

To be as effective as possible during my workday, and considering different time zones, my preferred way of communication is e-mail.

Fun Volvo PV at
Volvo Amazon & Volvo 444
-Thanks for your Volvo Knight In Shining Armor advice and moral support while I troubleshoot (as usual) simple fault that we kept overlooking. Mariannes Volvo 122 Amazon
I won't drive anything but this car. Ever.
It's my fourth one and best one yet. This May be the only Amazon in southern Nevada.... - Marianne D.
-Thank you ET, it's my dream car that will not ever be sold, in my lifetime.Toms Volvo 1800ES
It's quite the story on how I found it. - Tom L.

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