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                                                                                                  Marianne Donnelly

Mariannes AmazonMariannes Amazon

Mariannes AmazonMariannes Amazon


                                                                                                             Tom Lesh

    Tom's 1800ES       Tom's 1800ES


 Tom's 1800ESTom's 1800ES      


                                          Frankie Tricollino, Volvo 1800S -67 "Victoria"                                         





                                                                               Graham Long                                                                                  

                           Old Swedish military Volvo L3304 "Laplander"                               



Jason Zaros

Volvo BM tractor with a nice aluminum B18/20 valve cover from my shop.



Kenny Hargrove (more pics

Volvo 444 -57 restoration (2)Volvo B18 restorationVolvo 444 -57 restoration


                                                                                             Brian McGregor's 544 -65

Brians Volvo 544 -65           Brians Volvo 544 -65 engine



                                                                                           Mike Noble, 544 -63

Mike Noble 544 -63          Mike Noble 544-63 (2)


Rick Clark's -61 544

Rick Clarke -61 544

Kristian Skjervold's 1800-sunset

Kristian Skjervold's 1800-sunset

Allen Shotwell

Allen Shotwell Volvo 544 (1)            Allen Shotwell Volvo 544 (2)


Karen Condon's 544 Sport

  K C's Volvo 544 Sport  K C's Volvo 544 Sport


                                      Mark Hansens's Pv 444                                                                      Robert Whitney -65 PV 544

         Mark Hansen's Pv 444     Robert Whitney -65 PV 544

Mark Ashworth's Volvos - 1800S and Duett 210

Mark Ashworth's Volvo Duett 210

Martin Bell - Amazon Wagon

Kenny Williams, New Zealand

Kenny Williams Volvo 1800S -67

Christine Denkewalter's Volvo 544

Christine Denkewalter's Volvo 544

Mirko Murtomäki's Volvo Amazon, Finland

Mirko Murtomäki's Volvo Amazon

Steve C's 544, Texas

James Rogerson's 544

James Rogerson Volvo 544

Mike Turner, NY

Mike Turner's Volvo 1800E (1)                Mike Turner's Volvo 1800E (3)

Mike Turner's 1800Mike Turner's 1800


Antonin Coumes 1800E, France

  Antonin Coumes, France Volvo 1800E  Antonin Coumes, France Volvo 1800E (2)

Andy Phillips - 144 '67, Milwaukie, OR (photo by Milo Jasper)

Andrew Phillips Volvo 144, 1967-

Frank Floccari made these beautiful pinstripes in his Volvo Amazon!

Sven Jeker, Volvo 544, Austin Texas

Volvo 544, Sven Jeker-classicvolvorestoration dot com (1)

Volvo 544, Sven Jeker-classicvolvorestoration dot com (3)Volvo 544, Sven Jeker-classicvolvorestoration dot com (2)

Chris Rauen, Corpus Christi Texas

Chris Rauen, Volvo Amazon (3)     Chris Rauen, Volvo Amazon  (4)

Hartmann & Traunecker GbR, Germany

Hartmann & Traunecker GbR & (5)

What a beautiful workspace!

Hartmann & Traunecker GbR & (4)Hartmann & Traunecker GbR & (1)

Karl Johnson, New Hampshire, -67 Duett
Karl Johnson ,New Hampshire, 1967 Duett
Enoc Rojas, Costa Rica
Enoc Rojas AmazonEnoc Rojas Amazon
Ken Walker's 1800, Oregon
Sarah Wilson's  '73 1800 ES, WA
Sarah Wilson's  '73 1800 ES
Alex Gillman, 1962 Amazon, TX
Alex Gillman, 1962 Amazon
Steve Dalton, London, Ontario, Canada. Check out his site - Car Stories North
Steve Daltons 544 VolvoSteve Dalton's Volvo 544

Mike van Herk, CA

Mike van Herk's Volvos, CA

Jerry Haslam Volvo 544, CA. (Photo by Brian Feulner)
Jerry says: "Over 1 million miles on it, and still going strong.  It still gets 33 miles to the gallon, too!"
 Jerry Haslam Volvo PV 544Jerry Haslam Volvo PV 544 (2)
      Michael Fisher, British Columbia       
               Michael Fisher's Volvo 1800E           
Club Volvo Chile event in the Andes mountains (from Alberto Averill).
Alberto Averill 3Alberto Averill 1
Alberto Averill 4 
Howard Jelks, FL
Howard Jelks 1800ES (3)
Howard Jelks 1800ES (2)Howard Jelks 1800ES (1)

Richard Mandel, Volvo Amazon

After 40 years of amateur restorations, I thought I had seen it all, BUT as the engine started after all those years in the field, I heard a noise I could not identify. As I walked to the back of the car I found the source of the noise. Apparently mice had crawled up the tailpipe and stored kernels of corn which, as they heated in the muffler, began to pop. Here's a photo of my 122S popcorn maker.

Volvo Amazon popcorn maker

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